There are 10 Lessons in the introductory Course in Christ-Conscious Meditation.  The content of each Lesson is summarised below.


Lesson 1


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This first Lesson tells you all the basic facts you need to know in order to start practising and reaping the wonderful benefits of Christ-Conscious Meditation (CCM).


Lesson 2


Meditation is a form of concentration.  Concentration is a form of thinking.  By bringing heart and will-forces into your thinking, your meditation will be all the more powerful and uplifting.  This Lesson tells you how.


Lesson 3


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The greatest benefit you get from meditation is a continual growth of self-knowledge. The longer you practise CCM the more you will learn about your self.  Conversely, the better you know yourself, the better you will know and understand others and the world at large.  You will also learn how the world is filled with a grand unifying Power that normally, i.e. in most people, operates only unconsciously. As a practitioner of CCM however, you will learn how to make this magic Power more and more conscious and thereby really effective in your life for the good.  You will learn to expand your consciousness to include spiritual realities.  In fact, this Lesson lays down for you the foundation of a new knowledge whereby your self-consciousness gradually expands to become Christ-consciousness.


Lesson 4


Imagination and thinking are closely related.  Both have an important function in everyone’s life.  However, a meditator needs to understand that there is a subtle but crucial difference between thinking and imagination, for an untamed, loose or wild imagination can easily lead a meditator astray.  This Lesson tells you how to educate, develop and strengthen your imagination, and use it productively and correctly in accordance with the principles and insights of CCM.


Lesson 5


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There are two basic parts to meditation: practise and content.  Initially practise takes precedence over content. You have in other words first to establish a rhythm of meditation in your life.  However, as you develop the practise and incorporate it more and more firmly into your daily routine, you will inevitably seek out better and more meaningful content.  This content can take various forms and be drawn from many different sources.  But as the name implies, in Christ-Conscious Meditation, at the heart of all the content is the figure of Jesus.  Jesus said of himself: I Am the Bread of Life.  By practising CCM you will be consuming this Bread of Life and thereby providing your soul with the very best nourishment it can receive in the world today.


Lesson 6


All knowledge, whether spiritual or physical can be reduced to number.  The great Initiate Pythagoras based his teaching on the sacredness of numbers.  All numbers can be said to begin and end in zero.  Zero is a circle.  The circle has a centre, a radius and a circumference, i.e. it is a one-in-three and a three-in-one.  In this Lesson you learn that you are not only a unity of body, soul and spirit, but you learn also how to distinguish between these three.  You learn that your centre is spiritual, that your soul radiates, and that your physical body is your boundary.


Lesson 7


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Meditation, as it was practised in the East and in the ancient Mystery Religions, was always carried out under the guidance and instruction of a master, a guru or a hierophant, whose job it was to monitor the progress of each student, and to assess their suitability to receive initiation into the mysteries of the soul and spiritual world.   Although in the practise of CCM each meditator benefits from the instruction and guidance of an experienced practitioner, there are no hierophants, gurus or masters involved. Initiation or rebirth into the higher mysteries of the spiritual life nevertheless does take place at a certain point.  But it is a form of self-initiation.  This means that CCM is one of the freest forms of meditation available in the world today.  And because of this it is also the best and safest way to practise meditation in the modern world.


Lesson 8


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As your soul grows stronger through the nourishment it receives from the practise of CCM, your inner life becomes more and more enlivened and light-filled.  Your thinking especially takes on a new, vibrant, ethereal quality which enables you to see, to picture, and to experience the world in a more meaningful and holistic way.  Your consciousness expands. You feel really uplifted and spiritually supported in your life.  You no longer merely know of your Angel, you begin to sense the reality of this Being’s presence.  However, it is through your Angel that you also learn that the light which enables your new quality of seeing emanates from a source higher than your Angel.  Jesus said:  I Am the Light of the World.  In this Lesson you learn how to make the right connection between your Angel and the Light of the World.


Lesson 9


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Sophia is a Greek word meaning wisdom.  In ancient Greece Sophia was the name given to the heavenly Being of Wisdom.  In Christianity she was also known, and was given the name of the Holy Spirit.  However, in keeping with the Roman’s Church’s policy of promoting faith over knowledge, not only was Sophia’s gender denied but any attempt to cultivate knowledge of her wisdom, truth and beauty was violently suppressed down the ages.  This is one of the greatest tragedies of human history, with consequences that we all still suffer from to this day.  In CCM you learn how to reconnect with Sophia who in truth represents the magical essence of your soul.  This Lesson sets you on the path to an intimate knowledge of Sophia, the divine Virgin of Light.


Lesson 10


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Having come thus far with your study and practise of CCM, it is only fitting that this final Lesson should address the important question that in many ways underpins all the Lessons: ‘Who am I?’  This question however can only be satisfactorily and holistically answered if you also ask ‘What am I?’, ‘Where am I?’, ‘How am I?’, or even ‘When am I?’  In other words, for someone to arrive at a real and true self-image in our world, many aspects of life have to be taken into account. By practising CCM however you will learn to see how the many strands of your own life are mysteriously linked to the life of others and the life of the world. For through CCM you tap into a unifying spiritual Power which permeates all terrestrial and cosmic life.  The self-image you acquire in this way is true and holistic because it is in tune with the mysterious force that weaves the divine tapestry of the universal Self.

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