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The introductory Class of the on-line Course in Christ-Conscious Meditation (CCM) consists of 10 Lessons.  For the list of Lessons and their summarized content click here.

When you enrol, you receive the Lessons one at a time by email, and you study them at your leisure. There is absolutely no pressure. Together with studying the Lessons you also undertake to say a simple Affirmation each day.

The Lessons are short, written in easy to understand, straightforward language, but are very powerful meditation material.  They contain ideas, knowledge, spiritual facts, signs and symbols, the meaning of which have long been suppressed, and are therefore little known in the modern world, despite the information deluge.

As you absorb the content of these Lessons, and develop the practise of your meditation based on them, you gradually awaken to the wonderful reality of your spiritual self. 

To this process of spiritual awakening you can give as little or as much of your time as you wish.  At the beginning this need be only a couple of minutes a day. CCM does not require you to adopt difficult, eastern type yoga postures, nor does it entail elaborate breathing exercises, etc.  You start CCM by simply saying the daily Affirmation and studying the Lessons.  With expert guidance, advice and instruction, you build up your meditation practise at your own pace from this simple beginning.  The real secret initially is commitment.  Any questions you have will be fully answered. You receive answers to your questions, advice, etc. together with the following Lesson, and so on until you have completed the 10 Lessons.  You are then invited to join a more advanced Class.

By participating in the on-line CCM Course you will be part of a growing but totally independent group practising this unique form of meditation.  You can interact with this group, but only if you so wish.  You don’t have to.  You are free to practise CCM entirely on your own. 

Even if you already practise mindfulness, or some other form of meditation, you can still benefit enormously by joining the on-line Course in Christ-Conscious Meditation.
By practising CCM you will be starting the most important journey you can ever undertake in your life, the wonderful and spiritually rewarding journey of self-discovery.

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