My name is Sean Byrne.  I’m the one who has devised, and is the chief instructor, in the on-line Course in Christ-Conscious Meditation (CCM). The photo of me above is very recent. Everyone who enrols in the Course will be in direct contact with me.

I am from the Republic of Ireland but I presently live in Ulster, or Northern Ireland as it is more widely known.

I am a writer.  I write historical fiction, non-fiction and inspirational.  All of my writing is concerned with soul and spiritual development.  For information on my published books, please click here.

I was brought up in the tradition of the Roman Catholic religion. I was highly sensitive as a boy and had many spiritual experiences which led me to firmly believe in the reality of the spiritual world. When I came of age however I rejected the Roman religion. I felt that the faith practised in it was not enough for me.  I had faith as a birth-right, for it runs in the blood of the Irish.  Now however I wanted knowledge.  I wanted not simply to believe anymore; I wanted to know.

But I could find nothing in the religion I was brought up in that offered me explanations that could satisfy my hunger to understand my spiritual experiences.  I set out therefore on a very long, lonely and individual road to acquire genuine spiritual knowledge.  It was difficult. I explored many different spiritual paths, both of an eastern and a western type.  I practised various forms of meditation intensely.  Looking back, it all seems like a great circle.  For I eventually arrived at a Door which was, in a sense, there all the time, except I could not see it clearly.

I knocked loudly on this Door and it opened. What I found to my great joy was the Christ within, and since then I have only practised CCM. I believe that everyone on the planet can make this same inner connection with the Christos Being of Wisdom and Knowledge. It is merely a matter of practise.

The wisdom and knowledge that is imparted to a meditator through the technique of CCM is more important today than tradition, faith, dogma, belief, etc.  Of this I’m certain.  I also firmly believe that this form of meditation urgently needs to be taught and practised nowadays, for truly it is a remedy for a myriad of social and psychological problems.

I am grateful to Ireland.  I feel privileged to have been born and brought up here in the ‘Island of Saints and Scholars.’   We Irish have spirit. That, I believe, is our defining characteristic. However, in our new age of affluence I fear we are, as a nation, fast losing our old soul and spirit. This situation has led me to devise my Course in CCM.

Ireland has given me something very special.  I want to share it.

There are very many ways of sharing the Bread of Life.  This is my way.

Sean Byrne

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