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You know that your body needs nourishing food to keep it alive and healthy. But do you know that your soul too needs nourishment?  In fact, good mental and physical health is far more dependent on the state of your soul than on your body.   If you do not nourish your soul you will never be really happy or healthy.  In fact, if you do not feed your soul it will wither and die, and you will lose the very best part of yourself.

But in our machine-driven and terribly materialistic world, where can you find nourishment for your soul? One thing is certain: You will not get it from computers, television, food, sport, drugs, sex, etc. Sadly, nowadays neither will you get it from going to church, the synagogue or the mosque. For traditional religion is dying fast.  Even praying is not enough these days for most people.   Faith used to be a way and means of nourishing the soul.  But not anymore.

What the soul hungers for nowadays is knowledge.  Not mere information, or facts and figures about the material world, but real spiritual knowledge.  ‘Believe that you may know,’ is what the old religious people used to say. Today this has to be reversed: ‘Know that you may believe.’  And how do you acquire real, substantial, soul and spiritual knowledge? Meditation.

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Meditation seems easy.  It is in ways.  But to turn it into a real and sustainable soul-nourishment which has a vitalizing effect on the whole of your life, is not so easy.  For in truth, meditation is an art.  And like all arts, if you want to get the best from it, if you want to be really good at it you have to learn how it’s done. Also, like all other arts, you can learn a lot from the guidance and instruction of an experienced practitioner.  And this is particularly true of Christ-Conscious Meditation which is a unique form of meditation adapted to the needs of truly modern people.

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Meditation as an art, or even as a science, has its origins in the culture and religions of the East.  Unlike in the West, where traditionally prayer was more cultivated, in the East meditation was, and is still, widely regarded as the door to the soul and to real spiritual knowledge.

But what does it mean to gain real spiritual knowledge?  Many things, but one in particular. For, if you practise meditation with sustained dedication you eventually come to know your Angel.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have an Angel. Everyone has a guiding, guarding Angel. Your Angel is the spirit Being of your soul – your higher self.  To get to know this hidden part of your self is pure spiritual knowledge, the kind of knowledge that gives your life real meaning.  And only when you find real meaning in life will you find peace, inner contentment, health and happiness.

In order to meet your Angel; in order to get to know your Angel in the right way, you need preparation and guidance.  You need to study and meditate in the right way.  For you don’t want to self-deceive.

The best and safest way to get to know your Angel these days is to follow the Christos Path. This essentially means to practise Christ-Conscious Meditation.  There are really good reasons for this.

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Jesus, who has captured the imagination of the world, is recorded as having said many things.  However, one of the very best of his sayings is this: ‘I Am the Bread of Life.’  What this means is that Christ himself, or real knowledge of him, is the best possible nourishment for the soul. This has been known in the West for many centuries.  But it was never taught in a substantial or sustained way, in a way that imparts real spiritual knowledge.

Unlike in the East, in the West spiritual knowledge and meditation, from about the 5th century onward, was violently suppressed.  For it was believed by Roman Christianity that the practise of faith was more important for the masses than the acquisition of knowledge. There may have been some obscure kind of reasoning for this in the past.  But it has had the effect of muddying the name and knowledge of the Christos in our time.  This must change.  For human beings have changed enormously in recent times. This in effect means that for us living in the 21st century knowledge has to take precedence over faith.

In our highly technical, machine-driven world you face a real challenge regarding the life of your soul. It is in great danger.  If you do not nourish it, it will wither away and die amidst the noise, the pollution and the growing confusion.

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The time has come therefore for you to decide. If you genuinely desire peace of mind, health, happiness and contentment in our world, you must meditate. There really is no other way. Starting is easy: join the on-line Christ-Conscious Meditation Course today. By taking up the Christos Path you are guaranteed to learn how to meditate properly because you will receive that most important thing you need when starting: encouragement.  You will also receive individual attention and on-going guidance.

Make no mistake.  By taking up the art and practise of this unique and powerful form of meditation, you will learn about that best and most wonderful part of yourself, you soul.  Knowing your soul you will also more and more experience the warming, protecting, guiding, uplifting and feathery thrill, the reality of your Christ Angel.